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The Very Best of John Calvin

The Very Best of John Calvin

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John Calvin

With a biography of Calvin by S.Dunn

John Calvin was a prolific writer. Alongside his commentary on the Bible and his classic Institutes of the Christian Religion, he wrote articles on every conceivable doctrine and practical issue.

Starting with his writings on God, Christ and man, we then move on to his thoughts on theology such as justification, sanctification, faith and regeneration, through to practical Christian living such as prayer, humility, praise, peace and love. Concluding with short articles on angels, resurrection and heaven.

Dunn has collected together the perfect reference work of the great Reformers thoughts from his commentaries, sermons and writings.

Along with its companion volume 'The Very Best of Martin Luther', we are presented with the perfect reference works to a fuller understanding of the founder and developer of evangelical Protestantism.

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