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The Shield of Faith

The Shield of Faith

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William Gurnall

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Based on William Gurnall’s seminal work ‘The Whole Armour of God’, this work looks at that most precious piece of armour the Christian possess, the Shield of Faith in Ephesians 6:16.

Gurnall challenges both Christians and non-Christians to realise the reality of the spiritual battle we are all in, and calls on those who trust in the name of Jesus Christ to avail themselves of the armour God provides for our daily battle to live the life God call us to, and to claim the victory through faith in the power and presence of God in our lives.

 “Gurnall’s work is peerless and priceless; every line is full of wisdom; every sentence is suggestive … and is, in our judgment, the best thought­-breeder in all our library”.    C.H.Spurgeon

 “You will often find in a line and a half some great truth, put so concisely, and yet so fully, that you really marvel how so much thought could be got into so few words.”   J.C.Ryle

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