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The Mystery of Predestination

The Mystery of Predestination

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This collection of Spurgeon’s sermons move far beyond the defence of the Reformation principles for which they were originally delivered, for whilst an unashamed Calvinist, he was just as often branded Arminian because he never shrank back from any opportunity to passionately plead with the poor, lost sinner to fall at Jesus’ feet in repentance.

Spurgeon had a high view of God, and his extraordinary gift of verbalising deep theological concepts transforms our understanding of the great God we serve, expanding not only our intellectual understanding, but inflaming the heart to greater service and deeper holiness.

Here is not cold doctrine or theology, for in truth Spurgeon is incapable of such indifference. Here is truth applied to the soul. As the mind is confronted, so the heart is challenged, consumed with the marvel of a loving God so wonderfully concerned with the saving of all who would call on His name.

 “Christ has saved you, if indeed you are believers in Him, and He has not saved you for a week, or a month, or a quarter, or a year, or twenty years, but He has given to you eternal life, and you shall never perish, neither shall any pluck you out of His hands. Rejoice in this blessed covenant of grace.”                   C.H.Spurgeon

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