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The English Puritans

The English Puritans

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The Story of Puritanism from 1558 to 1658

John Brown

While the term ‘Puritanism’ was first coined in 1564, the distinct period flows over a hundred years from the accession of Queen Elizabeth in 1558 to the death of Oliver Cromwell in 1658.

John Brown (1830-1922) presents a clear and unbiased appraisal of both the history of the time and the men that presented, not so much an organised system as a religious temper and moral force. He does not seek to analyse the strengths and weakness of these men or times, but to explain the tides and influences that produced this remarkable period of English history.

That this period is so badly understood and represented today is left to other, more recent authors. But no clear picture can be painted without a firm grasp of the historical perspective that Brown, being closer in time and uninfluenced by modern thought, so ably presents.

Anyone wishing to understand something of the background to the great pillars of Puritanism will find this work of inestimable value.

‘The mature holiness and seasoned fortitude of the great Puritans shine before us as a kind of beacon light, overtopping the stature of the majority of Christians in most eras.’         J.I.Packer

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