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The Ascension of Christ

The Ascension of Christ

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C. H. Spurgeon

Sermons on Revelation chapter 1

Spurgeon presents to the reader a wondrous picture of Christ, not just as the risen Saviour, but as the ascended Lord of glory; the eternal, all-powerful Ruler of history - past, present and the future yet to come. The Apostle John’s vision in the first chapter of Revelation is no longer of a meek and lowly Jesus born in a stable, or as the Lamb silent before his foes, but of an all-conquering Lord and Master; a fearsome Judge as well as blessed Saviour of His church. Of a Christ who rules and orders human history towards that great and inevitable day of His Second Coming in power and glory.

With his sweeping eloquence and heart as well as mind challenging themes, Spurgeon carries the reader along with the Apostle as the vision is revealed. This is not an imagination of some future history, but the sure and certain wrapping up of time into the eternity of heaven or hell.

We cannot understand the full meaning of the Letters to the Seven Churches of chapters 2-3, until we have grasped all the Apostle sets before us in chapter 1; for it is the nature and character of the ascended Christ who is speaking. His message is clear - I AM the Lord of lords and King of kings enthroned in heavenly power who declares these truths to you. Listen and learn, for I come on the clouds with the armies of heaven, to judge the living and the dead!

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