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Thomas Brooks

If we would know the refreshing, support and encouragement of God’s Spirit, then time spent in secret communion with Christ is an indispensable duty. ‘Never tell me’ says Brooks ‘how spiritual or brave a man acts before others; but tell me, if you can, how he acts before God in his closet.’

Originally published under the title ‘The Privy Key to Heaven’, Brooks fears that the Christian’s duty of private, intimate prayer with their God has waned; that the necessity, excellency and value of ‘closet’ prayer is too greatly neglected, to the suffering of the Christian and the church of Christ in general.

It is his belief that the very heart of prayer lies in the pouring out of one's soul into the bosom of God. That prayer is nothing but the turning of our inside outward before the Lord, the breathing out of that which was first breathed into us by the Holy Spirit.

Those that would know the value of prayer and see answers to their requests, must, like the importunate widow, ‘press God so far as to put him to a holy blush’, they ‘must with a holy impudence make God ashamed to look them in the face, if he should deny the supplication of their souls.’

Brooks draws us ever deeper into a renewed commitment to private prayer times; to an enflamed heart for secret communion with God; and to an eye on eternity, where the necessity of prayer will be removed forever!

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