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Stephen Charnock

Stephen Charnock has a vivid, imaginative mind, combined with an analytical insight equal to that of John Owen or Jonathan Edwards, and he brings all his immense learning into an eminently thorough exposure of the covenant between the Father and the Son to redeem fallen mankind. To show all that the Father promised the Son should he willingly accept the path of suffering required to objurgate the demands of the Law. That the glorification of Christ was as necessary as his suffering and death to become the promised Messiah, the Saviour of God’s chosen people.

Although originally published as two separate works,’The necessity of Christ’s death’ and ‘The necessity of Christ’s exaltation’, they were written to compliment each other, so they flow effectively as one publication. Also included is the excellent biography of Charnock by William Symington.

This is not a work to be lightly read, but with concentration and study will reward the careful reader with a knowledge and insight into the very heart of God, his purpose of redemption and the wonder and love of the Son, so freely engaged in the suffering and final triumph of the long awaited Messiah.

‘...first, there was a necessity of the death of Christ. It was necessary by the counsel of God, ‘Him being delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God,’ (Acts 2:23). It was not a fruit of second causes, which God only suffered by a bare permission, but it was a decree of his will fixed and determined, and that before the world began, an irrevocable decree God made to deliver his Son to death for the sins of men, and according to this counsel he was in time delivered, and by the merit of his death has reconciled to God all those that believe in him.’           Stephen Charnock

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