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Knowing Jesus

Knowing Jesus

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Thomas Vincent

Exploring the Apostle Peter’s words: ‘You love him thought you have not seen him’ (1 Peter 1:8), Vincent presents to the reader a vivid portrayal of the person and character of Christ. Revealing the true Jesus behind the veil of His humanity – of His unbroken, intimate relationship to His Father; of the aid and purpose of the Holy Spirit in His life; and of the glory which awaits Him in heaven upon the completion of His task.

The challenge the author presents to the reader in grasping these truths, is to apply that knowledge to our own relationship to Christ, and to experience the intimacy that Jesus offers: “He who loves Me shall be loved by My Father, and I will love him, and will manifest Myself to him.” (John 14:21).

Although originally published as two small separate works, Book Two (‘Christ’s manifestation of Himself to those who love Him’) was written as a follow on to Book One (‘The true Christian’s love to the unseen Christ’), so they flow effectively as one publication.

“None but such as are true Christians, love Christ; and all those who are true Christians love Him. The loveliness of Christ appears not to the eye of sense but to the eye of faith. Those who do not see Him with this eye, cannot love Him; and those who see Him with this eye cannot but love Him.

Such as do not love Christ, it is not because Christ lacks beauty, but because they are blind! Now all true Christians have this eye of faith to discern Christ’s excellencies; and none but true Christians have this eye. The essence of Christianity consists in believing; reason makes us men but faith makes us true Christians."     Thomas Vincent


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