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A Heart Kept for God

A Heart Kept for God

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John Flavel

Many great men were raised up by God in the 17th Century Puritan era, but few stand as high as John Flavel. Not only a prolific writer of many of the great Christian classics, but a man of deep spiritual faith with a belief in the power of prayer that saw many remarkable instances of God’s blessing.

But above all he saw the human heart as the key to faith and life. The heart is the worst part before regeneration yet the best part after; it is the fountain of all actions. The eye of God is upon it, as should be the Christians, for the greatest obstacle to conversion is the winning of the heart to God and the greatest difficulty after conversion, is keeping the heart with God.

Follow these guidelines, absorb these truths, keep your heart in tune with God’s heart, and you are sure to know an ever increasing presence and power of God in your daily life.

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