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A Divine Cordial

A Divine Cordial

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Thomas Watson

Reflections on Romans 8:28
Two things have always concerned Thomas Watson, one is to be able to press the gospel with sufficient urgency to the non-Christian, and the other is to convince the Christian of the godly joy they should experience every day of their lives. So it is to the latter, with no small reference to the former, that Watson applies his cordial of all things working for the eternal well-being of those who trust their lives to Christ.
   To know, not simply that we can experience joyful worship in the Holy Spirit, but that even our ‘darker days’ are yet in the hands of a loving God. That showers of affliction as well as blessing come from the same all-protective Source.
   Watson dispenses pearls of wisdom like raindrops; every word, every sentence is as succour to the believer’s soul. Here is not theological treatise, but words from a pastor’s heart offering joy and encouragement to all.
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