About Us

Shield Publishing aims to present great Christian classic works and authors to a new, modern readership unfamiliar with this vast wealth of Christian thought. To this end select publications, generally unavailable on the new market, are, where necessary, edited to present biblical doctrine and practical Christian living in a modern format.

These are not re-written ‘easy-to-read’ versions. They are the original text just with the old language such as ‘thee’ and ‘thou’, ‘ye’ and ‘yea’ etc. updated; timeworn sentence and paragraph structure revised and with chapter and sub-division headings added where necessary; obsolete historical reference removed, and where possible, Bible quotations from the Authorised Version updated to the New International Version.

As a specialist, short-run digital printer, we are able to offer in print many titles a normal production process would not consider viable. Hence, while many of the great authors of the 16th and 17th Century are published in Complete Works sets, they still contain jewels that remain unpublished as individual books; and works by authors of the 18th and 19th Centuries likewise offer many gems worthy of reprinting.